Getting Back on the Horse

Well, here I am on another journey for getting in better shape. I got in pretty good shape last summer, but sadly, after my stay in the hospital I could not keep on my habits and am worse off than I was before I started going to the gym last summer. Here is me last summer: 1465667256145

Now I have to admit, I am now at the highest weight that I have ever been in my life, which is why I got the gym membership and am resolutely determined to get in the best shape of my life…. again.

Here is me currently:


Last summer I was very fastidious about keeping track of my exercise efforts. So I started taking snapshots of my final time every time I used a cardio machine and brought a journal to write down my work with the weights. Here are some samples:

Here was my general weekly work out plan: stretch daily (morning and night, though the morning one I started slacking on as my insomnia increased), one day a half hour on the treadmill (4 minutes walking, 4 minutes running, switching until the remaining 6 minutes are spent cooling down) and 15 minutes on the rowing machine; the second day that week (not necessarily the next day) 15 minutes on the rowing machine, then weights on 6 different machines – 3 sets of 15; and then on Saturdays another go on the treadmill (same routine), and then weights on at least 6 different weights machines (3 sets of 15 at least).

Doing this while working full time as a paralegal was exhausting, to say the least. And yet for some reason I was becoming increasingly restless, with a racing heart, racing thoughts, and an inability to sit still. I was walking around my neighborhood and Liberty Park for hours in the evening. I was walking to the grocery store and carrying my groceries home (even though I had a car). I was coming to work an hour early so I could walk around downtown until I started work. And every night it was getting harder and harder to go to sleep. I remember one time driving to work struggling to keep my eyes open. This all lead to my eventual nervous breakdown.

So now I plan to work on being in shape with a caveat – I will do things in moderation and giving myself breaks. After all of the medical bills I ended up with when I left the hospital worse off than when I went in, I need to focus on my work and getting out of debt. So I just need to buckle down and be a grown up. Let me just say that Adulting is hard.

My cousin added me to a Facebook group focused on motivation for improving health and I have gotten into the accountability thing. I have started using the S Fitness app on my phone to keep track of my steps (yeah, funny I just now started since having this phone since April) and I downloaded the MyFitnessPal app to keep track of calories. I am currently doing about 2 days a week at the Planet Fitness gym of 15 minutes on the elliptical and 6 of the weight machines (3x, 15 reps), although I today started experimented working with the free weights today, which I want to continue in the future. I am also studying to get my Paralegal certification, though the official study book turns out to be more of a practice exam book instead. (I got 50% on the Communication part of section one and 70% on the Interviewing part.) I also started a bullet journal to keep track of my goals and progress in all areas of my life and spent most of today filling it out.


It’s a little sloppy, but it does the job. I have a lot of goals for 2017 and I want to be organized to keep track of my progress attaining them.

So I am here fighting to put my life back together again and am so grateful to the friends who have stuck with and supported me during this time. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without them.

I know this post was sort of meandering, so thank you for sticking to the end. If you want to, please leave a comment on any goals you are working on for this year. Thanks for reading!


One thought on “Getting Back on the Horse”

  1. Jenny, I Love the Honest Blog! Goals are essential to get us moving! There are many people who become exhausted with life, almost frozen with fear to take the first step to a deeply rich and satisfying existence. Sometimes we need to just put one foot in front of the other moving forward. For me A Happy Life is about the small victories, recognizing and being grateful for what I have and looking outward to lift, comfort and love others. I am proud of you Jenny! Continue chasing your dreams!


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