Rant Videos

An odd pastime of mine…


So I have a confession to make… It’s a little unusual–I definitely haven’t heard of anyone else I know that likes this–but one of my favorite pastimes is to watch rant videos. I love watching videos of angry people ranting about, well, pretty much anything. I watch rant videos about people complaining about politics, customer service, celebrities, other youtubers, pretty much anything. It doesn’t really matter to me what they’re ranting about, I just like listening to it for some weird reason. I don’t even necessarily agree with them, I just like listening to their feelings and reasoning. I guess I enjoy figuring out why people think the way they do.


Here is an example of some rant videos I have enjoyed watching:


This is a rant about Kylie Jenner and her superficiality, and superficiality in general. It’s kind of interesting to me to see what how celebrities are relevant to younger people and how they really feel about them without the lens of the celebrity gossip newsvideos and sites, which seem to dominate most media.


I’ve watched a bunch of this guy’s videos. He typically rants against liberal ideology and those such things. I think that he’s pretty thorough in his criticism of it. In this particular one he rants about an MTV video that pissed a lot of people off on youtube.


This video is about ranting about LA youtubers, I guess the popular youtubers with a following that are very mean and rude. For me it’s interesting to see how different venues end up creating sub communities with their own cliques and stuff. LA is a big city, and to see it spoken about in terms of its youtube community is kind of strange to me because I don’t typically think of it in terms of how the youtubers there act, but I guess that there is truth to what she’s saying (I wouldn’t know.)


It’s interesting how rant videos have changed in youtube over the years. It seems like the rant videos are now more self-conscious, I guess in order to be relevant in comparison to other youtube rant videos. They try and say how theirs is different from other youtube rants on the same topic. I’ve noticed that a lot of the youtubers, not just in rant videos, but in just any videos in general, are very self reflective in that they reference themselves and past acts or perceived mistakes in their videos. I guess that is due to the comments on their videos, which can’t be easy to answer to when they gain a following; I imagine that they can be very self-conscious about it.


Well, I hope I’m not alone in my viewing of rant videos for purely entertainment value. I’m sure that there are those of you that are sufficiently weirded out by this. Do you enjoy rant videos or a particular kind of them? Let me know! I’d love to hear other opinions.